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No one wants to think it could happen to their community. But, for community leaders everywhere, preparing for the possibility of an armed intruder is a must. Church Mutual   is here to help. Learn warning signs to watch for, as well as how to take preventative action and create a response plan.


Learn easily adopted methods of preparation.

Watch armed intruder experts discuss best practices.

Take these steps to help prevent potential threats.

Study and share this visual guide with your community.





Get Access to Tools
That Can Save Lives

Take advantage of this free toolkit to prepare, prevent and train for an armed intruder.

Church Mutual knows how to help you prepare for all the ways life can unfold.

A.M. Best “A” Rating

120+ Years of Experience

Specialized Expertise

A long, stable history with religious institutions gives us uncommon insight into how best

to insure them. 

You’re not just protecting a place, you’re protecting a community. We understand what it takes to do that.

Stand strong with protection from Church Mutual, rated “A” for financial strength by A.M. Best.

Keep Going Strong

While it's hard to imagine a crisis happening in your place of worship, it's not hard to plan, prepare and protect your community. 

Let's do it together.

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